Brief history of the Monastery in Burshtyn


The Monastery of Hagia Sophia in Burshtyn is situated in the place where there was an ancient convent of St. Vincent Sisters of Charity (of the Latin rite). It was built in 1842-1852. They took care of an orphanage and worked on land. In 1944 this convent was taken over by the Soviet authorities and the sisters were exiled. The building was used for various purposes by the government. During some years it was a tuberculosis hospital.

In 2001 the new government returned the building with its territory to the Church.

In 2006 Bishop Volodymyr Viytyshyn offered this property to the Religious Institute of the “Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará” in order to found a contemplative monastery and a missionary community there.

In 2008 the construction works started and on the 23d of August the first house (a reconstructed old garage) was opened and the first community of sisters moved there.

Postulants were the first who stayed in the new house right after the first Divine Liturgy in the future monastery. In a month the community was joined by 5 missionary sisters.

The apostolic sisters continued the construction process and started pastoral activities in Burshtyn.

On the 22d of September, 2009 the contemplative monastery was officially founded. The first community consisted of three sisters.

The missionary sisters went on living in the monastery doing the apostolic work. In September, 2010 the missionary community moved to a new constructed part of the monastery and extended their work.