The Monastery in Burshtyn has St. Pope John Paul II Retreat Centre where the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola are organized

The Spiritual Exercises are a system of meditation elaborated by St. Ignatius of Loyola in order to grow spiritually and to get rid of one’s disorderly attachments, to recognize the Divine Will in one’s life and to follow it.

The Spiritual Exercises for women are organized four times a year:

  • January 9-13,
  • end of February or beginning of March,
  • holidays at the beginning of May,
  • the first week of August.

The sisters also organize additional groups or individual Exercises for those who cannot join the groups on the mentioned dates.

For more information or registration call the Superior of the contemplative community, Mother Maria Sliz (0967307843).

You will need to take the following things to the Spiritual Exercises:

¨ theBible, a notebook, a pen, personal things.

¨ participation fee (the sum is discussed with the sisters)


If you think of changing your life;

if your soul is looking for peace or is attacked by many passions;

if you are going to make an important decision in your life:

if you just want to stop and contemplate in prayers about your life;

if you want to see the sense of your life;

it is time for you!


The Spiritual Exercises for men are organized by the priests of Incarnate Word Congregation in IvanoFrankivsk. For information or registration call:

Fr. Teodor Matsapula – 0977133884

Fr. Mykhaylo Lespukh – 0960719421

Fr. Sofron Zelinskyi – 0969654655

Fr.Josafat Boyko – 0989488025

Fr. Petro Tsidylo – 0999318996